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As Maria is one of Australia's most sought after Clairvoyants, she has a busy schedule. Also as Maria is now on line to people all over the World, there is a need to make appointments which will fit into her busy schedule and into the World and Australian time frames.


You can make appointments with Maria by simple e-mailing her on the form field below or by using the e-mail: Magicians Challet

To help you with the world time zones, below is a table which shows the hours as compared to Greenwich Mean Time. These hours are shown in plus or minus terms.

-8        Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Fran Cisco.

-6        Chicago, Mexico, New Orleans.

-5        Montreal, Jamaica, New York, Washington.

-4        Chile, Trinidad, Venezuela.

-3        Argentina, Rio De Janeiro

-2        Uruguay.


Greenwich Mean Time       England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.


+1        Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria,

            Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

+2        Egypt, Finland, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, South Africa, Turkey.

+3        Bahrain, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Moscow, Saudi Arabia.

+5        India, Pakistan.

+7        Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand.

+8        Perth, Peking, Hong Kong.

+9        Adelaide, Japan, Korea.

+10      Sydney, Melbourne, Vladivostok

+12      New Zealand

Example, if you live in New York, and wish to have a chat session with Maria who lives in the Melbourne and Sydney Time Zone,

and if it is 7.00 am in New York, and New York is in time zone -5, Maria is in time zone +10, there is a 15 hour difference in time.     7.00 am plus 15 hours.

Thus it will be 10.00 pm in Australia.

You can also contact Maria at the following email address , please be sure to send her your correct datails;

Maria's email address is:



To Contact Maria

Please fill out the forms below.


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    Please enter below any specific queries you may have, or times that would best suit you.

                Please make sure you correctly "spell" your e-mail address.

    Maria will e-mail you to either confirm a time or to obtain more information.





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